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Successful start-up in Matzingen

Minimum waste rates even with harder raw material

A new production line, developed by Hinterkopf, started commercial operation in August 2016 at Switzerland based canmaker Nussbaum. The new production line built by Hinterkopf is Europe’s first to produce 66mm diameter aerosol cans at speeds between 165 and 185/min.

The new can line at Nussbaum utilizes a full array of innovative technologies exclusive to Hinterkopf, critical for fast and high precision production of cans. Can production has become more challenging due to a trend towards thin wall thickness. Many can makers have difficulty with this. In order to manufacture a stable can with a barely 0,4mm wall thickness, can makers are using aluminum alloys more frequently. Such alloys are harder compared to pure aluminum, which has an effect on production. Trimming knives wear more quickly, which results in increased waste rates.

The solution to this problem comes from Hinterkopf: replacing conventional trimmers with mechanical knives, the new production line at Nussbaum employs the L240, Hinterkopf’s first trimming machine with laser technology. Laser trimming is non contacting, and delivers consistently optimum trim quality from the first to the very last can of the production run. In addition, the laser trim is of extremely high quality, which improves performance in further processing of the cans. The set up times are drastically shortened compared to conventional trimmers. Overall, the L240 laser trimmer is the perfect basis for efficient can production.

Integral part of the new Nussbaum production line is the world’s first N50 necking machine with 50 Stations. The large capacity of the machine helps significantly with creating thin wall containers in individual shapes. More stations allow smaller forming steps per station, which increases reliability and output, while reducing waste.

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