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Two brand new capping machines ready for delivery to their owners

The first of two A212 capping machines will be delivered to Argo Group, based in Greece. For almost 50 years Argo develops and manufactures plastic containers. The new A212 capping machine made by Hinterkopf will be delivered to Argo’s facility in Athens, Greece and will produce high quality plastic collapsible tubes. The proven A212 will handle a wide spectrum with tube diameters between 19 – 50mm, and various caps and closures, with or without orientation of the cap. The new machine will be tested in the Hinterkopf factory in Eislingen, Germany in mid December. After conclusion of the tests, the machine will be shipped to its final destination in Athens.

The second machine type A212 will ship to tube manufacturer Tuboplast in St.Petersburg, Russia. The fully equipped A212 will apply caps to tubes with diameters ranging from 25 to 50mm. Acceptance testing is planned for mid January in Eislingen. Upon completion of the tests the machine will ship to St.Petersburg.

Key advantages of the A212 at a glance

Remarkable economics

  • Maximum production speed at continously top quality
  • Optimum output and highest technical availability
  • Precise execution leads to minimum waste

Dependable quality

  • Highest precision in orienting and positioning of caps
  • Continuous inline process control
  • Careful and exact handling of closures

Maximum flexibility

  • Easily adaptable to new requirements
  • Simple and economical upgrades
  • Best variability through modular design

Ease of operation

  • Simple and quick adjustments and maintenance
  • Full process overview through operator friendly touch screen interface

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